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Automatic cotton bud machine with dry and packing

This machine makes usage of the compputer PLC procedure, and dry by red sunlight, drying during the production. And through getting into the machine for packing part, then reach open, cotton feeding,molding, drying and packing, then save the production time and save staffs. Then increase the production efficiency, not in need of quantity inaccuracy and not clear conditions. The machine is suitable for packing by cartons of different pcs, and by plyster bags.sticking sticks, paper sticks, wooden sticks, and single head cotton buds and baby cotton buds are can be made by that machine. The normal production speed is 1000-1200pcs/minute for paper sticks, bamboo sticks will be 800-1000pcs per minute, wooden sticks will be 1000-1100pcs/minute. Under the condition of same thickness, the wastage will be less than 1%, plastic stick will be less than 3/1000, bamboo sticks will be less than 1%.
Main Technology parameter:
Dimension: 10x1.0x1.4m
Drying Power:380v, 13kw
Stick material: plastic stick, paper stick, wooden stick, bamboo stick etc
Production capacity: 1000-1200pcs/minute   (plastic sticks, paper sticks)
                     800-1000pcs/minute    (bamboo sticks)
                     1000-1100pcs/minute   (wooden sticks)
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